Using Remix

It is recommended that you read through Using Block Explorers before this one. The steps are very similar


  • Start creating a new blank project on Remix, then copy the TeleportToken.sol , TeleportTokenFactory.sol and Owner.sol (provided in Solidity Contracts) in the corresponding files as shown in the image below.

  • Compile the contracts using the compiler version 0.8.7.

  • Copy the token factory contract address to the atAddress field, select the teleportTokenFactory contract and click the atAddress button. This should show the callable actions of the contract.

  • You can now click on create and fill in your token details. Remember to set the amount of native tokens (eg. TLOS in the case of the Telos EVM) that you will be transferring to cover the creation fee in the value field. This amount can be found with the creationFee action. This value is in wei, so don't let the zero's startle you. Finally, click the transact button and sign the transaction.

  • To get your new token contract address, you have to inspect the internal transactions of the creation transaction (from the previous step).

    • Navigate to the relavent block explorer. In this example we deployed the test token to the Telos EVM testnet, so we show our transaction on the testnet version of Teloscan.

    • You will find your token address in the "to" value of the create call in one of the internal transactions.

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