How to Bridge

Guide to bridging tokens using EVM Bridge

Once wallets have been created, they need to be connected. Clicking the "CONNECT WALLET" button on the Telos network bridge provides the user with the choice of using Anchor or Wombat.

After the user has connected Telos Account, they need to connect their Telos EVM Account through MetaMask. This can be done by clicking the "CONNECT WALLET" button on the Telos EVM network bridge.

Once both accounts are connected, the user may select the "To" and "From" networks. The "To" and "From" networks can be switched using the switch networks button.

Once the user has selected the correct "To" and "From" networks, they make click next and select the token and amount of said token to be bridged.

After selecting the token and amount, the next button takes the user to the "Confirm Transaction" panel.

Once confirmed, the user will need to sign their transaction. Once the transaction has been signed successfully, a popup with the transaction ID will be displayed. Clicking this ID will link the user to the corresponding block explorer for said transaction. Clicking "OK" closes the popup.

The user will them be redirected to the network selection panel if they wish to bridge other tokens.

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