Listing a token

Guide to bridging your token from Telos native to BSC, Ethereum and Telos EVM.


Lising a token is done by creating a modified ERC-20 token contract on the EVM-side of the bridge. This is done through a Token Factory contract. Here is the current factory contracts deployed on the supported networks:


To bridge across to BSC/ETH/TEVM you will need to have:

  • A token on Telos.

  • A BSC/ETH/TEVM account. (BSC and TEVM has lower transactions fees)

  • Have BNB/ETH/TLOS on the previous address. See specific amount table below

These values are subject to change.


Interacting with the TeleportToken contract on Teloscan is known to have issues on Telos EVM testnet. We recommend using Remix for Telos EVM testnet instead.

  1. Create token on BSC/ETH/TEVM using the teleport token factory contract. This can be done in one of two ways:

  2. Send your newly created token details to us so that we can complete the process.

As soon as we've received these details, we'll set up the bridge.To use the bridge, see Sending tokens

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