EVM Bridge

This service is still under ongoing development.

The EVM bridge allows native tokens to be bridged to and from BSC, Ethereum and Telos EVM. Project owners can make use of this service by following Listing a token.

The bridge is a modified version of the alienworlds teleport bridge to allow for multiple tokens to be bridged.

If you are interested in bridging your token, let us know by filling in this form.

Audit report

These contracts have been audited by Secureblock

Audit Report - June 2022

How does the bridge work?

The bridge consists of 4 main parts:

  • Telos Native Bridge Contract - Keeps record of transfers and bridgable tokens.

  • Reporters - Facilitates secure communication between the two networks.

  • Teleport Token Factory - Creates new Teleport Token Contracts

  • Teleport Token - Is the modified ERC-20 Token Contract that allows claiming from Telos and bridging back to Telos.

The bridge works by transferring your listed token to the tport.start contract and specifying the network and address you're transferring to. The reporters will validate the transfer after 3 reporters have successfully reported. Once validated, the sent tokens will be claimable on the respective Token Contract. After claiming, the tokens are minted and sent to the address you specified originally.

To send tokens back to telos, the teleport action is called on the Teleport Token Contract with the amount and telos account. The reporters will validate. Once validated the tokens will be transferred from the tport.start contract back to you.

As it stands, there are no fees for users to bridge tokens other than gas costs. For project owners, the EVM token creation fee needs to be paid.

A small fee is likely to be introduced in the near future to cover the costs of running the bridge.

For now, the best way to support future development is to vote for our block producers: bp.yknot & southafrica1.

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