How to Bridge

Guide to bridging tokens using EOSIO Bridge

Once wallets have been created, the user must select a network to bridge from. Once selected the user will be required to login using any of the available methods.

Note: If the user changes their from chain, they will need to login with an account on that network each time the from chain is changed.

After selecting a network, the user needs to select the token to bridge.

When the dropdown is clicked a list of available tokens to bridge as well as their balances are displayed for selection. Select a token and the quantity to be bridged.

Once a token, network and quantity have been selected, the to account field needs to be filled in with the 12-digit account name.

The next step is to select the chain where the to account resides.

The memo field can be filled in to add a memo to the bridging transaction. (Filling in this field is optional)

Once all required fields are filled in and all options selected, the user may click the send button to begin the transaction. The user's selected method of signing transactions should appear. The user need only sign the transaction to complete the bridging process.

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